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Next Sea, Port, City conference.

Sea, Port, City 2018

May 2018, Zhoushan, China

Maritime studies.

Maritime clusters • Port services • Maritime culture Environmental change • Fishing & aquaculture

Marine operations • Maritime policy

Offshore energy • Maritime history

Shipping & transport

Harbour development • Cruises & tourism

Maritime logistics • Maritime law • Maritime labour

Marine engineering & technology

Sea, Port, City.

Sea, Port, City brings together researchers, industrial actors, policymakers, and local stakeholders and community members to produce and exchange knowledge concerning maritime systems, cultures, policies, history, clusters, law, operations, labour, economics, logistics, environmental challenges, and infrastructures worldwide.

As an interdisciplinary research network of Island Dynamics, Sea, Port, City takes an integrated and international approach to maritime studies, sea-port-city interactions, marine urbanism, and the dynamics of maritime societies. We seek to further our understanding of oceans, rivers, and ground as space and place. Sea, Port, City’s scope thus includes such topics as shipping and transport logistics, port operations, fishing supply chains, offshore cultures, the sea-port-city interface, marine technology, offshore energy, social dynamics in maritime communities, and climate change and the environment.

You can learn more about Sea, Port, City here.